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Company Profile

Thank you for visiting. Our TYW & Associates Company is first and only one 24 hour 7 Days electric and plumbing Service in Myanmar. We estiblished our company in 2012.

Our expert Associates are well experienced, qualified electric engineers-government satisfied certificate holders and expert plumbers. Our company service cars carry all quality materials, tools and equipment appliances along with them. We purchase from direct importer with lower price. So that our customers can get qulity materials with whole sale prices.. Anytime when customer call for us, our team could be there with all the necessary items. We save our customers' time and money. We don’t use counter fix material at all.

We value our customers, we never close, we are always open no matter one light bolt change to the whole factory new installation no job too small for us, we do it all, the same at plumbing, water leaking?, need new pressure pump/water pump?, need water pipe line installation?, we can do it all.

We guarantee our services 90 days. No one could give guarantee like we do. Our services price is reasonable and affordable to all customers. Our Service team always smile and friendly they will answer all questions you may need we believe anyone using our services remembers the good experience and convenience.

All our associates are very friendly and happy in dealing with our customrs because they don't feel like they are staffs. Everyone is part of our company and working like running their own business as they are commission based associates.

Our operator standby call us 24 hours 7 days a week, we never close for you.

If you would like to contact us then you can call phone us on 09-250 066172, 09-250 066173, 09-250 066174, 09-31661552 , 09-31661553.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 90 days (3 months) labour guarantee. Our company is the only company who give guarantee on service work in Yangon.